Nunix C20MX Analog Microwave

– The Nunix C20MX is a 20-liter microwave oven, suitable for small to medium-sized households.
– It operates with an input power of 1150 watts and an output power of 700 watts.
– Features a 35-minute cooking timer and 5 different microwave power levels for various cooking needs.
– Includes a defrost function for quick and even thawing of frozen food.
– Comes with a turntable glass tray to ensure even cooking and heating.
– Equipped with a cooking end signal to alert when the cooking cycle is complete.
– Compact design that can fit well in small kitchen spaces or office settings.
– Includes a child safety lock feature for added security.

KSh 7,500.00 KSh 8,000.00


The Nunix C20MX microwave is a compact and efficient kitchen appliance, ideal for small to medium-sized households. It boasts a 20-liter capacity, perfect for a variety of cooking tasks, from reheating leftovers to preparing full meals. With an input power of 1150 watts and an output of 700 watts, it ensures quick and even cooking results. The microwave features a defrost function, a 35-minute cooking timer, and five power levels, providing flexibility and control over your cooking. Additionally, the turntable glass tray promotes uniform cooking by rotating the food, and the cooking end signal alerts you when your food is ready. This model is designed for convenience and ease of use, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.


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